Rise together against Inflation!

Everything is getting more expensive.
Fore a few months, rent and living costs, like costs for food, electricity, gas and petrol have been rising immensely. A lot of us are worried about being able to afford life.
But things like heating or hot showers must not be a luxury – a warm flat, a full fridge and a secure income belong to our fundamental rights!

Who profits from this?
We live under capitalism. In the present crisis this means: Few companies are making high profits, we, the rest, must pay the costs. The super-rich have multiplied their wealth, even though nearly half of the world population still don’t have enough to eat or have access to clean water.
9 million people live in Austria, 1.5 million of those are in danger of, or already living in poverty. That is over 10% of the population. Only 30 Austrians together own the same amount as all the other people living in this country.
This is unfair!

How should we continue?
It is time take matters into our own hands, because we cannot put our trust into politics: too seldomly do they support our interests.
Let us band together. As organised civilians we can put pressure on the government and the profiteers of the crisis. It is up to us, in every business and in every neighbourhood. Every right and every share of wealth, that we have, we have had to fight for in the past – nothing was ever given to us!
Let us use our knowledge about the history of different social struggles, to contemplate how we can combat the incoming attacks of capitalism on our lives together.

Come to the meeting!
Are you also struggling to make do with what you have every month or are you worried about the next bill?
You work harder and harder and, in the end, it doesn’t change a thing?
Justice and solidarity mean something to you?
You have an idea about how we can make these words reality?
Do you want to have conversations about social problems?

Then come to the Stadtteiltreff Reichenau on the 26, October at 7pm.  After a small thematic talk, we will ask ourselves this question:

Why is everything getting more and more expensive and what can we do against this?